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God bless my mom she really tries to lay the groundwork for acceptance re: my sexuality and who i might be bringing home someday but she doesnt have to worry i will not be bringing anyone here

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me and my parents just marathoned the first six episodes of QUEENS and it is SO GOOD and we got black lesbians lets gOOOOO

it did break my heart but also i just love them so much and im so glad they have each other

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The Tiger
By Nael, age 6

The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

This year’s theme is Reimagining Justice through Abolition and will specifically support BIPOC. Narrative based theater and performance artists, 18+, US located. January 2022 - May 2022.

Selected fellows will receive a $4,000 stipend and $2000 project support stipend.

To learn more about the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, visit:

Applications are due Thursday, November 25th at 11:59pm ET.

so this is the first year that theyve gone outside of chicago, so youll have to look up the states/cities they serve but they aim to keep this going every year and they've been pretty good about remote work / ill see if i can find a better site soon (applications tend to be over the summer but if you have graduated from college/have work experience look at all their careers tbh)

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not sure why this "citation needed" on wikipedia is making me laugh so much


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honestly a surefire way to make me like a female character is if it's obvious that the writer hates her

she's not yours anymore, she's mine and i will take care of her

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(loudly) Haha don't worry it's only gay if you say yes homo haha!

yes homo

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So, if when I post something like :bancars: you imagine a place with good pedestrian infrastructure and where even the poor can afford a car, you have some decentering of the west and whiteness to be done.

I want cars to be decentred and mostly removed not because climate or anything, but mainly because they pose a lethal danger to the poor where I live, and, interesting news, where I live, exists, and I'm in there and I AM the poor here, so I talk about here.

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fucking love puppet people those are some groovy ass motherfuckers

preparing myself to watch the IG live with azie tesfai, candice patton, javicia leslie, and anna diop about how black women are and have been treated at the CW and i know that shit's gonna break my heart

me and nanowrimo at this point are my characters talking directly to me asking me to please finish the story


me doing well on the homework and failing the test makes it look like i cheat but i dont im just dumb

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lmao classes end the day after my scheduled intake 🙃

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