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Can we design wearables to boost the immune system?

Immune systems are good and necessary. They can get stressed out. It defends the body against the other, so this is a form of identity.

They have designed a mask using living plants. They also designed a cortisol monitor to check for stress.

The designer had some immune issues which lead to this research.

She is now talking about prior art. Art and science must be connected to create better design.

There are potentials for future work regarding immune systems, cellulose and, mycelium.

We have not been shown any of these items.

begpost, need money for food and power, pls boost 

hey yall the power company is going to start disconnecting power again next month and im all out of food again, i need about $250 to cover this so i dont starve and the lights stay on

anything helps!
cashapp: $digitalcreature

“i’ll be at my lake house” so they’ve officially stopped talking to me

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i’m not dressing up for work these men are in t-shirts and the women are in full business attire that dress code they sent us is a lie

i wanted to do cyber security so bad but i’m just not smart/patient enough for it :blobpensive:

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i don’t really understand what happened around snowden and at this point i’m too afraid to ask (i’m gonna get that one kids book that explains it tho)

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work webinars can be fun bc i’m like …..,i’m pretty sure you shouldn’t say that ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS BEING RECORDED but go off

my q at the cyber security webinar 

the white person was like it happens for everyone the POC was like this is a very interesting and nuanced question and was significantly kinder

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my q at the cyber security webinar 

this is why they can’t stand my ass

So phishing kind of preys on people's (maybe hidden) desperation and/or hopes? Are people most susceptible to phishing part of marginalized communities? If so, are people preying on them because they may not have enough resources (food/house security/access to employment) and may be more desperate for anything even if it seems too good to be true? Is there something we can do
on the personal level to help them with this?

i’m just gonna start saying the A in A.Tony isn’t silent

by day i’m scared by night i’m frightened fueled by anger

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fucking love cyber security this webinar has me hyped as shit

by day i’m smiling in your face by night i’m punching your face

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we deserve space

a personal server for a black nonbinary traumatized person