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if i had a dog i would be telling him how excited i am that we’re gonna watch brittney johnson as glinda on the today show later today

i am going to be so motherfucking soft to myself this fall holy shit

game devs of color and the tonys are the same weekend…..after i host a writing group on friday what am i doing

i have at least four meetings and two classes tomorrow, i ate red meat for dinner like a fool knowing it gives me nightmares, and i now *know* this medicine will cause me to oversleep and be exhausted all day

i believe watching tv will help

"And, as you know, 5% of all CHANI app revenue goes directly to FreeFrom’s safety fund. So far, in the first 9 months of the app, your subscriptions have funded over 600 cash grants to Black, Native/Indigenous, people of color, trans, queer and disabled survivors.
If everyone on our mailing list gave $10, we’d be able to support every person who applied & no one would be waiting for support.

Mutual aid is our past, present, and future. We are all we have."

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for donations to survivors of gender based violence and from chani nicholas website: "On Thursday, more than 5k survivors of gender-based violence applied to FreeFrom for cash assistance to help make ends meet and stay safe. The waitlist for support continues to grow and now we need your help. In the last 5 years, you’ve donated more than half a million dollars and supported so many survivor entrepreneurs by shopping the Gifted store. (1/2)

booty shorts with "This is not a place of honor" embroidered on the ass

MORE PUPPET CLASSES *cue elmo raised hands with a firebacground behind him gif*

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okay i immediately went against this but FOR A GOOD REASON and so i will just put more naps into my calendar easy peezy lemon squeezy dont forget your tissue sneezy

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if you, like me, become absolutely feral at the sight of an ebook deal may i suggest getting a bookbub profile

note to self 

i have things to do but i need to slow the fuck down. i need to give myself permission to not work out til next week even if it makes me sad because I NEED MY LUNGS TO RECOVER. i need to not sign up for any more classes. i have enough on my plate. i can read books and play video games and watch movies and the x files and its not a waste. im not a waste. its okay. its okay. its okay.

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every counselor ive interacted with in the past ten years including and up til five days ago: we have to get you away from this scarcity/survival mindset to a place where you are thriving. you are allowed to thrive.

me: *holding my breath so i dont have an asthma attack in the middle of the night and wake up my family bc we all need to go to work tomorrow* what do you mean

site about fighting against texas senate bill 8, organizations in texas that ahve been fighting for reproductive rights, and other places in the US doing the same

.......why are they bringing the book of mormon back

from bird site: Are you a Black Native American / Afro Indigenous TV writer looking for work? Send me a DM! It's for a cool paid TV writing job.
Comedy / Animation / Kids writing samples preferred, but we'll look at any samples you've got as long as it's a script!

my lunch break is over in this reality’s plane but it’s not over in my heart

i missed a meeting with someone above me (who hasn’t met me) bc i overslept (the antibiotics knocked me out bless up) and have two more meetings so i guess we’ll see what are the possible boundaries of compassionate understanding with coworkers today

this is the first time in at least a week that i’ve been able to lay down without having an asthma attack 😭😭😭🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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