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gonna shut down for now -- somehow UFW wasn't set to deny all incoming by default, so some joker got in the postgres and started mining crypto -_- so I'm gonna wipe the instance and resume testing and development elsewhere; if you were following this account, feel free to unfollow now :)

Hey dorks, I made a Liberapay account. It's basically just a stub at the moment but I intend to use it to try and supplement my income while I'm working on GoToSocial.

If you wanna send me some $$$, that would be fucking cool as hell, and you can do so here:

Boosts welcome!

And the link for the work-in-progress GoToSocial repo:


If I ever reply to an old toot of yours, it's certainly because I bookmarked it as I was too lazy to phrase my thought at the time you published it.

iOS is like:

Here's a gigantic cover image of your podcast

Guess whether tapping on it will start playing the most recent episode, or if it will bring you to the list of episodes

No really, guess! We won't give you any visual feedback at all to know and you kind of have to memorize it

UX is our passion

It just works

Spotify uses a ton of energy for streaming. Spotify makes billions while 90% of artists make pennies. Spotify makes A TON of money from ads that are b4 songs uploaded without permission and/or use samples that aren’t cleared.

Is it unethical to use Spotify instead of pirating music and listening to the mp3s offline? Sending $1 on Bandcamp to a musician is probably more than they’ll ever make from you streaming their songs and uses way less electricity.

Decided to be a bird now cos they don’t get hay fever, I just saw one not having hayfever acting all fucking smug and shit

i perform tonight and i’m still not quite sure how this is gonna happen so of course i’m awake three hours earlier than i need to be

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we have to dress up to take our pride pictures and im already laughing because my colors are v small against all black because im like

i am the pride

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family shit 

she tried to come in my room again at like 9: 20

guess i will be keeping that locked for the rest of the month

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J needs some help to get a thyroid blood screen done.
It costs about $175 , and I've pitched in with 25.

You can find their venmo and paypal info is available here:

and their tiktok talking about it here:

If you send them money, leave a note about what it's for.


family shit 

in case youre wondering, today's not great mood is being woken up by my aunt coming into my room at 6 30 and then later (she didnt do anything...bad)

ive locked my door tonight and i get sad because i always hope i never have to do that again

im writing this here because i want to be braver to myself i keep thinking she'll find this and if she does so what, that doesnt undo what she did and my fear of it

a very good thing is i turned in that essay i was trying to do for two weeks! i did it on my lunch break and im pretty happy because i knew it would never be perfect like i want it to be but at least its real now

im calming myself down a bit by remembering i dont even know what theyre expecting, their tagline is literally: "risk. fail. risk again." so itll be okay, im just so tired

i think ill just watch it on my phone so i can sleep and ill try again tomorrow

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ive agreed to do a live puppet performance on thursday

what have i done

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my aunt has made me so angry and im trying to get myself together i still have three hours left

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i fucking hate academic language

"delay aversion: the motivation to escape or avoid delay"


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