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you’re trying to tell me raya and namari aren’t friends to enemies to lovers trope??? i don’t believe you

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“note to self: don’t die”
~i love raya more than words

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pleased to announce that rays and the last dragon has about 742% more lesbian than expected (i’m still watching and highly doubt they’ll make it canon but still)

the goal is to watch raya and the last dragon, moana, and black lightning today, or at least one of them

What if Godzilla, but really really really small. A lil 2cm tall rascal messing up all the stationary on your desk

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

okay i have weed!!!

now i just need groceries and such

more specifically

we're outta toilet paper

i'd like to go get some before DD wakes up

but idk how much getting this letter sent certified mail is gonna cost and i only have like $12 in my bank account soooooo yeah lol

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Gonna watch these marvel movies figure out who the fuck thermos is

imo if you can afford a panic room, then you should be much less rich so people will be less likely to want to rob you, idk

Help a Black trans man fund top surgery! "After years of fatphobia, uncaring doctors and so many financial obstacles, I have finally found a doctor of color who is amazing!"
Venmo: @ Dee-Farries
CashApp: $pizzafemmeboi
Paypal: Ask
#donate #boost #mutualaid #blm #tdov

BIPOC creators who want to do podcasts/podcasters! Applications opened up again, get em in soon!

"Thanks to the generosity of the McElroy family, we’re in a position to offer a five bundles of a Yeti Blue Microphone & a copy of “Everybody has a Podcast (Except You) to Black and POC podcasters that are in need of equipment to either start recording, or upgrade their current set up."

(77) it can be argued that this is a short story but k-ming chang always does poetry in like. everything ive ever read, i want to make new teeth every time i read her work.

The Daughters Ding by K-Ming Chang:

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sad that arizona lost but always love seeing womens basketball because they always talk kindly about each other and show a lot of love + i got three family members hyped as shit about this game ("damn now im in it!", "i aint fucking with you anymore, lexi, i was minding my business and now im in this shit!")

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i’m losing my fucking mind did you see that steal???? SHAINA MOTHERFUCKING PELLINGTON

be the bigger person? \*flexes my muscles* sure i can do that \*crushes a landlord between my thighs*

huge gore, domestic violence, abuse content warning in this story

this was really good?? and im really blown away by this it grabbed my throat and wouldnt let go

was excited about this because i love almost anything about jennifer's body (ha) but then! one of my favorite writers too??? a good day!

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