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you literally might die even practicing doing gymnastics. fuck anybody talking that “toughness” with simone biles

@charlag thank you! im pretty hesitant around doctors but im hoping i can go this weekend

Eligible directors and screenwriters are invited to submit an application now through September 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. CT. To apply, you’ll need a short bio, resume, five-minute video personal essay, and two work samples.

It's time!!! @pillars_fund
is awarding unrestricted $25,000 fellowships to emerging Muslim screenwriters and directors. Apply or share today!

from a friend:

My friend. Restaurant industry. She was murdered. We are trying to send her body to Mexico for burial. Please share this. Please donate.

i told my mom i had to take to the bed because i looked up concussions while she was gone and she was like i dont think you have one (not dismissively but like, knowing how anxious i (we) get about these things) and wish i had just called her instead because that cut my anxiety down from 729 to at least 110

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i tried listening to musicals i havent gotten to get through yet while laying down and these are my ratings:

six: no
waitress: yes, really happy to hear that she was mine still holds up to its hopeful lesbian origins even within context
dogfight: i am ready to fight for lindsey mendez any day of the week and also, thank you to this plot for proving to me that i am 100% homosexual + but also be aware that at some point i fell asleep and woke up in time for the finale? so

if my insurance turns out to be in .3% as good as im thinking im about to shake a lot of shit up over here

a crab could not possibly be literate in any human language. you are a charlatan and i am clicking x on this chat

Capitalism is a giant game of prisoners’ dilemma where it’s always more lucrative for each person to be unethical and exploit everyone else, even though it’s worse for everyone.

the joke in the state farm “what are you wearing jake?” ad suggests the dude making the call wouldnt be fucking a dude named jake in khakis, which i cannot accept.

id fuckin love it if I could give according to my ability and receive according to my needs. that would kick ass.

- We are looking for a spectrum of bisexual voices who want to contribute a YA witch-themed story
- There will be 13 spots to fill (witchy number right? 😉)
- We are open to a couple unagented contributors so deff apply!

head injury 

so i’ll go shower and like listen to a podcast or something i guess

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head injury 

forgot i hit my head yesterday and that might’ve been partially why i slept so long :/ and then i looked at my computer for like four hours straight had coffee took advil and have been watching tv and was like why does mug head hurt and my vision’s a tad blurry?? 🤦🏾i’ve basically done everything you’re not supposed to do and now i’m anxious

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