“Big news! I have a surgery date! I need to make sure I have the cost of surgery paid by my pre op appointment (April 26th)! [...] I am tired of being afraid to leave my house without binding. I am just tired of the pain of binding in general. [...] this will save my life. I want my body to feel like a home. Help me out with that❤️“

Venmo: @Dee-Farries
Cashapp: $pizzafemmeboi

I now have a ko-fi which will not currently bring you any benefit to throw money at but will bring me £2 a pop closer to getting top surgery privately instead of waiting a total of like 7 years to get it on the NHS!
I'm not asking for anything at all from anyone unless you genuinely like stuff I do, consider it worth money, and have spare cash though, and i have no expectations

talkin to myself 

i ate the cereal i need more but still that little bit helped

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talkin to myself 

i need to eat
i might feel better if i eat
i need to go eat

Help bring Rapheal home! Our relative Rapheal is currently serving a life sentence for defending himself. Rapheal's story is a moving one about resilience, healing from abuse, and standing up for yourself. Watch his Ted Talk and consider donating to his legal defense here: gofundme.com/f/help-rapheal-w- If you can't donate, please share and help us get #JusticeForRapheal!


So, as some of you know, I've been volunteering with an organization in Greensboro. They are a mutual aid group that gives out supplies and food to homeless/houseless people in Greensboro. I was gonna wait until the next stimulus check to do this but that seems to be taking forever and they want to push hard for funds in March so... here it is.

If you have money to spare and are struggling to find a group that gives aid to people without pushing religion, you could do alot worse than giving to WHOA Greensboro.

Thanks for reading,


Me, folding a weighted blanket: “is this CrossFit?”

im trying to give myself time instead of overwhelming myself and trying to do everything at once so ill focus on what i can control and that's the binder. the name and taking T will just have to be much later (i gave myself such bad panic attacks/ideations cause family reactions) but I'm giving myself 3 years (30 sounds nice) just so I feel like I have time. I just have to give myself time.

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Not about anyone on here specifically, although idk maybe you're abusing a position of power and you need this reminder 


If you're in a position of power

"Just asking" if something's okay

Might not come across as "just asking"

the microgrants for HRT & Name Change are already full they opened less than 30 min ago :/

share + donate to black trans woman in need!
"I'm really, really not ok on funds due to college and always being on emergency mode needing to fix things and get food for 5 people, on top of the dental stuff. I was hoping to make as close to $1000 if I could, which hopefully would go a long way in Venezuela even though I know things are hard, we're closer to $240 or something at the moment and I can't really work as much as I used to so... please share and donate!"

"We do not have to spend our time teaching people how to treat us well."

~Briyana D. Clarel

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