The gender of the day is a skulk of ghastly kangaroos.

"its good to be nervous, it means you care."


"if you dont get butterflies before a performance anymore, you need to stop performing."


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Remember when I drew a Bunch of Guys? Anyway I found out what happens when u turn all the layers on

(hint: you get cool shadow figures)

Hey guys, I was supposed to get my paycheck today but haven't. I need to pay some bills and get groceries, if anyone could send me a few bucks to pay for these things, i would be eternally grateful

We only need like $50 for groceries to hold us over until i get paid

Commission info:

Cashapp: $ChestnutCham

#Mutualaid #Mutualaidrequest

ive got to work on my timing but since i made the soundtrack like fifteen minutes ago that fits

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me 24 hours before the performance: what the fuck have i gotten myself into

Me and Tess really need to buy some groceries and sanitary products, if anyone could spare some coin we have a few options:

Our paypal:

My ko-fi (and you can request me to draw something, I'd love to as a way of thanks!):

Or you can subscribe to our patreon if you're into games and game dev:

#mutualaid #brynndraws #art

hey is anyone by chance looking for a couple of roommates??

my husband and i need out of our current situation, as it's only getting worse

we are 2 queer trans adults with 2 dogs, not looking for anywhere in particular but i need to be able to get on poor people health insurance because i have a disability

medicinal marijuana being legal is a huge plus

"It is love alone that gives worth to all things."

~Teresa of Ávila

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if there is one lesson I can teach you about systems analysis, is that you MUST ASSUME EVERY SYSTEM WILL FAIL

design your procedures and systems imagining at least one or two of the other safeguards you assumed have failed so that they will fail-safe, not fail-deadly

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okay so my horoscope says i won’t be satisfied with surface level that i will keep digging to get to the truth this season and what the fuck else have i been doing?!!! (this is a joke)

Hey everyone, our living situation suddenly went to shit and is now not one we really want to stay in. our housemates are inconsiderate, and have decided that all our problems are our own fault and are unwilling to change their behavior and would rather yell at us than let us get a full nights sleep

i don't know how much we will need yet, but i'm trying to raise money now to get us out of here

Commission info: (gallery is NSFW)


Cashapp: $SCoyote

Venmo: SCoyote

I know i ask for a lot but things just keep happening, please bear with us and help us out if you can

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

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