i was trying to look it up in case i missed it but im cackling at young m.a. over this shit when for some reason halle decided to talk about a possibly weird turn on which i feel like she knows isn’t weird but she said let me give these lil lesbians a lil something (and we say thank you ms. halle)

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Urgent Mutual Aid Post: Help Erika Get Housing

cashapp: $ErikaRitz

went to read about cats lounging on a satellite dish ended up seeing another reason to fight elon musk & company

help a bipoc transman and his family

Cashapp: $BKnight215 Venmo:

please help a black person who is unemployed and unable to work due to health concerns!

venmo and cash app are both ebonyirony

look at these lesbians! and also ryan wilder the absolute love of my life, as sophie says one of the most lesbian phrases in the world

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saw this thing about finding your birth chart tarot cards here's mine:

and apparently they mean this:
"The Star represents healing itself."
"Compassionate activism" / "You turn within and see how you’re doing there, and Strength works to direct or make sense of the chaos of impulses you might find inside. ~Oliver Pickle, She Is Sitting in the Night

from these links respectively:

heres the calculator: tarotschool.com/Calculator.htm

reminder to self to keep fighting against the empire in any way i can, that no action is too small if i keeps me as far away from this as possible

text by Mary Oliver

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this is the full quote by Malcolm X i wanted to share days ago, the alt description won't fit so this will be a series of toots:

“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man. Let me explain what I mean by the white liberal. In America there is no such thing as Democrat or Republican anymore. In America you have liberals and conservatives. The only people living in the past who think in terms of I’m a Democrat or Republican, is the American Negro." (1/?)

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hey everyone, it would mean a lot if you could help my friends out. please share + donate if you can!

Paypal: melizabethamory@gmail.com
Venmo: @marsgrace
Cashapp: $marsgrace

un-agented marginalized writers! DVCon is at the end of this month and its free (but you gotta register)!

DVcon will take place over the course of four days (January 20-23, 2022). Go to dvpit.com/register-2022 to register and obtain access to the Discord server.

did i tell yall i got a caricature done im sharing cause 1) i want yall to support this artist and 2) i am yelling at how accurately the joy of me holding a kitten is portrayed here

support larime, a disabled artist who draws with their mouth/art is their primary means of supporting themself and their partner, here!: twitter.com/XLarimeX
paypal: xlarimex@gmail.com

(it seems like birdsite is their primary site)

anyways what i appreciate about hanif is that almost immediately after reading him i want to try to write too even though i know its not gonna land in my throat the same way

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am pleased to report i am a ghost hunter budtender thank you xenaworrierprincess (on insta) for this lovely zine that made me forget how sick i am for at least ten minutes today 💜

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