help my friend by making a consistent donation!

Zelle (preferred):
Cash app: $tiezesty
Tie also has a Go Fund Me that
can be found at https://

please help my friend survive!

Cash App is tiezesty
Zelle is Paypal is Goal is $5,000.

this was like really helpful

from CHANI newsletter, Your horoscope for Mercury in Gemini 2022

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this button should be required before using all social media tbh

Joce is a Black Queer doula and nanny in North Carolina who recently lost their dad after a long illness. They need bill and necessity support so they can grieve, heal and attend their dads funeral in Pennsylvania. Cashapp $stillblooming & Venmo @stillblooming ca & m: $/@stillblooming

Black disabled unemployed mom needs funds for survival Goal is $800

Submissions for the Black Trans Women Support Bundle are open! Only have three responses and we're aiming for fifty by the end of the week! We're supporting @4THEGWORLS and @GlitsInc !! Add your games, writing, and art here:

this picture alone is going to get me to marathon star trek: discovery this weekend

we'll be supporting GLITS, Homeless Black Trans Fund, For the GWORLS, and Black and Pink! (if you have art/writing/music you want to donate, you can set up a free profile and submit that way too! if you need help with this lmk)

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help an unemployed and disabled black trans woman raising funds for their family's housing expenses, their gender affirming expenses, and their medical bills.
cashapp: $spliffanyevans
venmo: @spliffanyevans
paypal: esiuqram

Our trans and HIV-Positive neighbor got evicted in the middle of winter with little
warning and nowhere to go. They are
trying to raise funds to find a new place
and cover the bills.
The goal is $13O0
If you are able to help, please
donate. Every little bit helps.
CashApp: $BKnight215

my itch has been getting a lot of views and im like .......suspicious

tbh its just kinda pretty to look at for me too

"We were just alerted that Isa a 20 year old black trans youth was abducted and is missing in the Bay Area - folks on the ground are alerting + updating folks - if your in Oakland or SF please signal boost // Black Trans comrades stay safe"

call (510) - 238- 3641 (missing persons) or 415-552-8090 w any info. last heard from isa potentially jumping out of a moving vehicle on 880 in oakland, ca. she badly hurt her head and may be under the influence or injured.

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