the weight of it all of course shouldnt be on him but i love a lot about this

thanks to canva, meme generator, and me laughing my ass off we have a cover photo

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i say this because i want you all to see that i made a trailer (no sound no fancy artwork because i dont do that) for the game!

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has anyone used this or something similar? i think itd help me with collage and zine making

Leila Chatti’s words from Annuciation feel like that fit my inside and outside bodies

i am fucking gutted. i love him so much. Jesus. Rest in peace, MIchael.

im not sure but i trust the person i got this from so, for people affected by hurricane ida maybe check this out / also seeing this site: which i feel more comfortable sharing cause fema is.....fema

places in new orleans for cooling off, getting some water, and charging electronics

would appreciate anyone writing out the places so it’s easier to read

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we deserve space

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