“Big news! I have a surgery date! I need to make sure I have the cost of surgery paid by my pre op appointment (April 26th)! [...] I am tired of being afraid to leave my house without binding. I am just tired of the pain of binding in general. [...] this will save my life. I want my body to feel like a home. Help me out with that❤️“

Venmo: @Dee-Farries
Cashapp: $pizzafemmeboi

me begging my uterus and brain to take it outside if they gonna fight like this

in a comment, Ronnie said what they need is national attention and funding. so please boost right now, and his organization is giving water on the ground: newhmi.org/give.html

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remember how i was hoping i could get back into the wnba, this helpin

I FUCKING LOVE THE DREAM they really help me like lesbianially spritually ya know

i love how it says hear me out as if white people care, but yes the message is correct

me having to do this identity vs. safety crisis all over again boo-hooing and shit

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man, i dont even have time for this / it took me 20 minutes to even notice this was intended to be an insult or some shit lol

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we deserve space

a personal server for a black nonbinary traumatized person