mention of suicide, asking for good thoughts 

🧿 one of my friends is suicidal rn please send good thoughts to them 🧿

mention of suicide, asking for good thoughts 

they made it through the night but they said something and then stopped answering texts and theyre not answering their phone fuck fuck fuck

ive heard from them, they were sleep. if anyone has suggestions for places for virtual group/individual therapies especially for black queer ppl pls lmk


suicidal friend, anxiety? 

they're still struggling, but more people know (with their consent) and have been able to reach out. trying to figure out next steps, was pretty scared and looked up stuff about crisis resource centers but i dont have experience with them and dont want to re-traumatize them. and that was the "Don't Tell the Police" version (where they still might be involuntarily committed). sad that my gut reaction was "whatever it took to keep them alive" when i know that can (1/2)

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