i need to let my editor know that i have 1.9k words written and am still in the process of writing (IT MAKES SENSE PRAISE GOD) and that there's a good chance both essays will be turned in on time (this one is late actually) but its definitely midnight and i dont want to tell her yet cause the one im writing went completely different than expected and i want it done so even if its not accepted i can put it somewhere else


the one i wrote and turned in last friday, was edited and turned in monday, was published today and my friends read it :blobblush: and it was a very nice feeling that helped me make another dent in this essay and now i feel a little more confident in writing and/or finishing, thats really the one i gotta hold on to

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so i had messed up my sleep schedule yesterday, and there were things i was and honestly i just woke up like two hours ago from a nap that was supposed to be two hours but turned in to four and so im just gonna go back to sleep and try again in the morning

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