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"Many Black women have a good understanding of both sexism and racism, but because of the everyday constrictions of their lives, cannot risk struggling against them both." ~1977 The Combahee River Collective Statement

"The work to be done and the countless issues that this work represents merely reflect the pervasiveness of our oppression."

~The 1977 Combahee River Collective Statement

"As feminists we do not want to mess over people in the name of politics. We believe in collective process and a nonhierarchical distribution of power within our own group and in our vision of a revolutionary society. We are committed to a continual examination of our politics as they develop through criticism and self-criticism as an essential aspect of our practice."

~1977 The Combahee River Collective Statement,

"So, how do we remember to care for each other together in colonizing, white supremacist, elitist, patriarchal spaces like the university? How do we hold ourselves and others in the face of an individualistic racial capital regime that insists we remain isolated from one another—that we “eliminate the competition” and become The One in order to succeed through the logic of exceptionalism? (1/?)

~Lorgia García-Peña, Unbelonging in Higher Education

"First, we need to recognize and understand that our legacy, who we are and how we have come to occupy the space we do in the institutions we work for/in—and on this earth—has been the result of collective rebellion. Second, we must collectively force the university (or whatever institution we work in) to see the violence they perpetuate on our persons, our bodies, our psyches, and our work." (2/?)

~Lorgia García-Peña

"Third, we must insist—by any means necessary—on recognition for the totality of our labor: the hours spent supporting the students of color the university ignores, the months of service on committees, the emotional and mental labor required of us to exist as The One, the love and care that we put into our teaching, advising, and mentoring, and the significance of our public facing work. (3/?)

~Lorgia García-Peña

"That “invisible” labor needs to become visible, evaluated, rewarded, valued, and compensated. That “other” labor should also become required of all faculty, not just of some of us.

Finally, we must rebel—collectively, loudly, tirelessly—against the toxic logic of The One that threatens our careers and our lives. Rebelling is a communal process." (4/?)

~Lorgia García-Peña

"It requires all of us to recognize that academia is killing women of color and we must therefore fight back. But most importantly, we must rebel by creating communities of freedom within and outside the institution. In these communities we can hold each other, give each other the benefit of the doubt, hold for each other a space of compassion." (5/?)

~Lorgia García-Peña

"We can offer a hand to pull us through, a back to help us cross, and a shoulder where we can safely rest our heads for a brief moment until we can lift them up again and keep on. Community is the most effective form of rebellion." (6/6)

~Lorgia García-Peña

“We will make demands. And, what we will ask for they cannot deliver without their own collapse.”
- Joy James

“This is how they do it, and if you study how they do it here, then you'll know how they do it over here. It's the same game going all the time, and if you and I don't awaken and see what this man is doing to us, then it'll be too late.”

~Malcolm X

still cannot believe that wanting to make it so everyone *wants* to live, wants to live *their* life as defined by them, and to live that life (and any lives that grow from the desire they have now) *well* is supposed to be radical

“The end justifies the means. But what if there never is an end? All we have is means.” - Ursula K. Le Guin

“I want to live the rest of my life, however long or short, with as much sweetness as I can decently manage, loving all the people I love, and doing as much as I can of the work I still have to do.”
― Audre Lorde

“The writer’s role is to be a menacer of the public’s conscience,” Serling said after the Till murder trial. “He must have a position, a point of view. He must see the arts as a vehicle of social criticism and he must focus the issues of his time.”

"what excites you about the future?" is a bold as fuck and necessary question for black people cause i deadass was like, *mind go brrrr* and thats dangerous and i gotta fix that immediately cause i know inability to dream, to imagine is the first step to inability to live

“Alone, no one wins freedom” —Ursula K. Le Guin

“I think of ghosts and haunting as just being alert. If you’re really alert then you see the life that exists beyond the life that is on top. It’s not spooky necessarily—might be—but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s something I relish rather than run from.”

~Toni Morrison

“Please try to remember that what they believe, as well as what they do and cause you to endure does not testify to your inferiority but to their inhumanity.”

~James Baldwin

“When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him. ..."

~Bayard Rustin

“Without community, there is no liberation.”

~Audre Lorde

“The moment anyone tries to demean or degrade you in any way, you have to know how great you are. Nobody would bother to beat you down if you were not a threat.”

~Cicely Tyson

“We must reject not only the stereotypes that others hold of us, but also the stereotypes that we hold of ourselves."

~Shirley Chisholm

"We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we cannot breathe."

~Frantz Fanon

person: im entirely self sufficient, i don’t need people, and everyone should be more like me

me: my brother in confusion, you use search engines to find answers to your questions. search engines which are the results of people’s collective knowledge. you are here because someone grew your food or provided you with seeds to grow your own or created weapons so you could hunt for food. (1/2)

you would not be alive if someone at one point in your life did not gently place their hand on your body. there is no self-sufficiency. the ants need the birds need the trees need the ocean need the moon need the vast universe. the moon could not survive alone, even gravity has a hold with her. why would you be an exception? (2/2)

“which is why the term “privilege” is not quite specific enough and often does not go far enough.[…] How one benefits or suffers from the subjugation of particular people is not determined by their feelings; it is determined by the identities they embody.” ~Da’Shaun LH, Belly of the Beast: The Politics of Antiblackness as Antifatness

“Nothing is lost by not giving the details of the events of harm. There are many other ways to feel and move through.”

~Daniel B. Coleman, Excerpt From
The Black Trans Prayer Book

"Before starting a massage yesterday the therapist said, "You have been living in your body your whole life. This is a team effort." about my bodily expertise vs. his technical expertise. I almost wept. How different would my health care experience be if my doctors started there?"

~Nicole Young (ittybittyny on birdsite)

mention of rape culture 

"In order to change rape culture, we need to be able to map it.

In order to map rape culture, we need to locate ourselves in it."

~Dr. Seo-Young Chu

me crying: why is this impossible

my heart: its not impossible you just don't want to tell the truth

yall ever read a poem after days/weeks/what is time of just not doing good stuff for yourself and it feels like the sun decided to rise again in your chest? thats me and The Cactus by Jane Wong today

like, life, i guess i will try to hold you again

"did our mothers invent loneliness or did it make it our mothers?" gettin back to the words/performances/experiences that ground me/have grounded me for years and years thank you always Safia Elhillo

ace of spades is $2.99, dhonielle clayton's new book is 99 cents, i finished girls that never die last night. world, you seek to let me down on the regular but BOOKS!! BOOK HOW YOU ALWAYS MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING AMEN

reminder to myself that i can call dibs on an article on a thursday, see it friday, turn in a draft on monday (when i said i would), and see it come out soon after. ive told myself in the past i couldn’t do this but i can, and it’s not a fluke, and i can do it again.

sorry to whoever but im centering my joy today and will not be taking any actions to the contrary sent my way at this time thanks

"I refuse to detail the humiliations that keep me up at night.

I am pulling a blanket over my head.

Or, I’m elated by 30 seconds of rain."

QUALM by Aria Banias,

"Language itself is a revenant – that is, a ghost that walks again by repeating and being repeatable. It is older than the speaker, and it will live long after the speaker has died, thus indicating a future to come that is a repetition of the past and the present but still different. (1/2)

"Language speaks the speaker, as if ghosts of past generations possesses them in order for them to express themselves to ghosts of the present as well as those of the future." (2/2)

~Line Henriksen, “Spread the Word”: Creepypasta, Hauntology, and an Ethics of the Curse, 2018


this is a really great resource for supporting survivors/transformative justice around violence:

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"the unforgiving war of attrition that the pursuit of justice can often feel like, especially for those restlessly seeking it alone, against an indifferent world. The show is interested in how the longing for justice, unfulfilled, can literally break us down: break our families apart, break our bodies apart." (1/2)

~Elaine Castillo, White Fantasy Appropriates Stories of Oppression from People of Color

"The show points to the lone vigilante in American culture and reveals that he has always been a lie: the work of justice was never meant to be solitary. We inherit that work from each other; we inherit it from people we don’t even know. Our history is in each other, like deposits in the bones, there in the blood and saliva. In this we are not special." (2/2)

~Elaine Castillo, White Fantasy Appropriates Stories of Oppression from People of Color

"“Black experience in any modern city or town in the Americas is a haunting. One enters a room and history follows; one enters a room and history precedes. History is already seated in the chair in the empty room when one arrives. Where one stands in a society seems always related to this historical experience.”

~Dionne Brand

"I know. But I like it like this. I’m not inconveniencing anyone."

~Ariana Brown, Yanga Builds Me a Panga

today i am reminding myself that it is a blessing to be able to create, that the feelings going to the creating process are not always feelings i want, but that doesn't mean creation should be abandoned. drinking water, taking a nap, screaming, talking to my plant, talking to my people, scribbling in a notebook, making coffee, remembering to eat, scrolling and finding inspiration and going down a rabbit hole, they (and more) are all parts of creating. they are not all easy but they can be good.

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