"I know this sounds paranoid. These precautions seem excessive; the algorithms seem dystopian. But the oppression these technologies reproduce is insidious and ubiquitous, and those seeking to surveil us have been refining the tools to do so for a very long time. This is exactly why sex workers are preyed upon first: because those in power know nobody will listen to us until you’ve already googled “two weeks late for period.”"



need to note that the "im glad we are mobilizing quickly/efficiently" feeling & "where have you all been when sex workers, black & brown (especially queer) people, disabled people, poor people, & people within these intersections said we needed your help?" feeling can both exist

im not saying this as anything that needs a verbal response, we know actions are more effective. and i am certainly not perfect, especially in this regard. (1/2?)

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just want to offer an opportunity to reflect on why *now* you feel more moved to immediate and consistent action as opposed to when others who did not look, move, or live like you needed this for years? and, when these actions get us roe v. wade back, will you still be here for the other fights against our oppressors? (2/2)

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