being misgendered, school 

wrote this an hour ago: the way i was excited about shit i was gonna do today only to open up my school email and be addressed by the professor ive spent the past six weeks with, with the wrong name (and he CC'ed another student!!) (1/?)


being misgendered, school 

and now im just remembering how all of last year (august til may) "we cant change your name or pronouns because blackboard wont let us" and "we cant give you captions we gotta call somebody so you wont get them til december" (2/?)

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being misgendered, school 

and lo and behold after 900 fucking emails and months of fucking stress and phone calls and bullshit, a title ix is filed all of a sudden you can edit your first name and add your pronouns and captions have been turned on fucking webex but they still wont use that shit in an email cause you cant change your name im just so fucking tired (3/3)

im happy to report that even though i am still very upset and angry and sad that has pushed me to write an email back to the title ix people and ive decided with that + what happened last night, im gonna go to allied media conference next week

a student misgendered me (we've been in the same cohort for almost a year) IM TIRED LORD

girl im taking the L someone said the wrong thing about how many slides i added im done im DONE

theres a black trans hangout in like an hour that i really wanted to go to but i am exhausted like i just give up today

girl i hath officially given up the final is submitted the school windows are closed it is gone from me

@wenotfreeyet I hope if you go it's energizing & if you don't it's a break from this shit+maybe restful if that feels ok

being misgendered, school 

@wenotfreeyet ugh i'm sorry friend :blobhaj_sad_reach: :blobhaj_trans_heart: sounds like your professor is a real asshole

being misgendered, school 

@sayyid_qishta i think what surprised me so much is that literally from day one he had been using my name, but that was only cause its used in webex. but as soon as i send him an email (signed with my name) he was like yeah no im just like WHY??? but yeah its almost over at least

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