(tbh i dont wanna hear white ppls' opinions on this so)

stacey abrams just said she plans to pay police more what the fuck is happening invest in your communities deeply yall this shit done been fucked but GOOD GRIEF

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@wenotfreeyet lemme just ... lay face down on the floor ... and stay there ... forever

@sayyid_qishta YES ill bring snacks and books and we can make a blanket fort! and watch good shit and we'll have a grand time Abrams is another example of how only certain Black folks are allowed to operate in politics.

We've seen this play out consistently as more high profile Black candidates gain office.

@Are0h i think im more disappointed in myself for even being surprised like of course you cannot like, keep your integrity and shit when you rise the ranks of a system intended to kill your people, it is really impossible but i guess i keep hoping someone will like burn down a couple parts of the system before theyre kicked out or something. wishful thinking I think there is a role that politics will play when it's all said and done, but the thought we should focus our efforts on making it a primary pillar of our effort is a bad idea.

We can use American politics as a weapon against itself to weaken it, but it should be relied upon as a tool for community betterment, and it's just not for that.

@Are0h mm i really like this, cause i never thought of the possibility of politics still playing a role towards like, the revolution and post-revolution, but maybe i need to go back and unlearn what ive made politics mean and like look towards what it *could* mean? i like this a lot ty The culture has taught me everything has a use and the greatest threat to racism and hate is racism and hate itself because it's a nonsustainable ideology.

I've always viewed our challenge as to how to turn it against itself without harming our communities.

Politics is one to the main tools bigots use but they are harmed by it as well. There's an opportunity in that.

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