i have started severance and i am a fan (keep in mind its been four minutes)

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@wenotfreeyet it's my favourite show this year!!!!!!! once you're done lmk and we can discuss haha

@wenotfreeyet so i have a dissociative disorder and like this show is the only one i can think of that actually used trauma and dissociation in a way that makes a really strong statement

@wenotfreeyet i also really liked just observing the characters as their environment slowly becomes more and more uncanny valley until that fucking unhinged goat sex bed psychedelic willy wonka tunnel ass shit

@dexiheart i love this and im just gonna add more thoughts in a spoiler tag!

severance spoilers 

@dexiheart i love what youve said about it YES! i think i was expecting it to be like a lot more overt horror? but they just revealed enough fucked up shit every episode for it to be creepy enough that by the end youre like wait what the actual fuck and i think thats how like trauma/being manipulated is! you dont see it all at once! and i think the show did a really good job of that. like you accept one thing cause its not "that bad" and that gives room for you to justify

severance spoilers 

@dexiheart other things that get pushed on you because you keep moving your boundary to protect yourself (which makes sense! with the way ppl invalidate trauma and stuff you usually wait til its Bad Enough but by then it feels too late!) until one day you really gotta push back. and i *love* that the only way they can effectively fight is by seeking community like theres no way theyd be able to escape by themselves and its just AHHH I LOVE THIS SHOW

severance spoilers 

@wenotfreeyet right??? this narrative was so smart and impactful and like i am truly amazed that fucking blue steel directed it

severance spoilers 

@wenotfreeyet also i feel like it really captured the feeling of going insane from all the deceit and gaslighting working for some cult like tech company in 2022

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