so. i have written an essay about why i love batwoman (that just scratches the surface tbh) this morning, its messy and i love it. ive also tweeted it out. if you feel like helping with the renew batwoman campaign, id appreciate you sharing, with the hashtag and . but of course! no pressure!

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convinced my psychiatrist to watch Batwoman its gonna be a good day

yall know 10% of how important Batwoman is to me and a lot of black queer people. if you have the space to, please stream season 3 on hbomax, like as much as you can this weekend / if you feel so inclined you can also hit up a lot of the hashtags especially saturday too (idk what the streaming one will be but its been basically since season three ended) thanks for listening


in four hours batwoman season 3 will be on hbomax and i must rest to be at my full streaming and livetweeting potential

i did it yall thirteen beautiful ass episodes livetweeted and my thread isnt broken! (miracles happen) i love this show so much i even giffed the last scene because i am OBSESSED

so they cancelled Batwoman but fandom/groupchat and we're depressed as hell but we took a nap and we're back and ready to fight. so just be ready for whats coming to you from all sides

and so it begins:

this is for some stuff we're gonna do to get some stuff running/a lot of black queer ppl are working on this so

if any of yall feel like sharing the stuff we're doing on birdsite itll be under starting in about fifteen minutes

if youre looking for tweets to share you can retweet and quote tweet the ones in my thread:

you can tell i really believe need and love this show because i am doing fucking ridiculous shit here like having hope and talking to people what the heck

we doin a lot of work, we know petitions aren't enough but if you wanna sign/share it'd be great:

we were trying to work with other people in the fandom to get some stuff going but they are mean as shit and being in the chat fucking ruined our (my groupchat's) mental health and one threatened me with violence and so we left but im so tired im really fucking sad and really fucking tired cause now im downloading my archive and deleteing tweets from before january because now im just scared. im not scared of the person fighting me cause i will fight but the fleeing abuse tactics, it just hurts

moderating that panel, meeting some of the stars, and going to that queer media conference changed my fucking life im talking my marrow is learning to bloom and i have no idea how to hold the growth but im trying

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