y’all see signs and don’t do shit about it (started the movie)

they’re all white but for some reason this song has made it extra elmer glue

i miss the first one cause there was so much more sapphic potential but i guess not all the kids are blessed gayly

i think that was supposed to be flirting but i just got murder vibes

i don’t mean no harm but honey what did your mother make for dinner


girl valerie must’ve lost it and finally something that makes sense

man i cannot relate to this girl’s sex dreams but PH SHIT WHAT WAS THAT

damn they ain’t do valerie right and also what is even happening

okay so it’s gross but i also don’t know if i’ll be able to take this seriously so what an adventure

they are going to secluded mountains i don’t even think aliens come out here

the haircuts make you unsure about who is kissing who which is fun

one friend went to comfort her and had to physically stop herself from softly caressing her cheek ive spotted two possible non-straights lads

someone is humping the shit out of a pole but why

this is so bad holy shit i take it back there’s more non straights who has their shirt get wet then takes off their shirt and bra and uses it in a pillow fight (“you’re so weird!”)

“the more they do it the louder they get. practice makes perfect” are you trying to hint something as you both share this bed

why is the villain like a goth danny from grease

this dude is so fucking weird ugh i fucking hate him hope the chop chop gets him first

goth danny grease is playing electric guitar over his murder weapon

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