so! if youre gonna share stuff about black people being murdered (especially giving vivid descriptions which we dont need) you need to put a content warning on that

i dont care if youre trying to make a Point black people's mental health is more important than whatever this is about to be (again)

and if you dont do this i will simply block you

yall probably already know but black people, please have your contacts up to date. please ask people to check in with you if you need it. please dont feel obligated to answer if thats not what you need. please be with community if you can and if you cant please ask for help in finding some

@wenotfreeyet yeah im trying to keep this sorta talk as non graphic as possible, i see a lot of ppl getting pretty descriptive and potentially triggering

@witchy @wenotfreeyet Yeah a lot of people don't understand the fine line between "raising awareness" and making Black users relive trauma over and over and over again. :/

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