pandemic showed us (what a lot of disabled ppl already knew) that work can be done from home and events can be made inclusive, wonder what else ppl in power are lying to us about 🤔

i really appreciate yalls responses and definitely want to see more! some others:
- we never needed to touch each other without full enthusiastic consent (esp just for introductions)
- ive never needed to tolerate anyone being less than six feet away from me
- there are not enough sick days
- we've just been passing around sicknesses to one another all willy nilly because we need to survive our jobs
- commutes never had to suck as much as they did
- we couldve been so much safer


that last one really gets me fucked up. we couldve been so much safer. meaning that if we were given the resources and opportunities to protect ourselves, how much better could life had been. i keep thinking of my old jobs and im so angry because yeah abuse didnt have to happen because they shouldnt have done it but also if there were proper safeties in place, the chances that i wouldve been abused and suffered more cptsd couldve been lowered substantially if not outright fucking removed.

@wenotfreeyet and that homeless people can be given shelter at a moment's notice

@Sorl the way i want to scream and fight every moment of every day that someone could just open their hotel chain and house ppl WHAT THE FUCK

The pseudo-pandemic also shows how the privileged exert power to maintain _status quo_, even in "unprecedented times". Alleged climate change cannot come quicker to realise fundamental change, perhaps!

@wenotfreeyet watch all the accommodations disappear when able ppl no longer need them

@0lvr i keep getting upset when i see places that previously only had virtual options now only have in-person options and im like. put an iphone on a stand and press livestream at the event there is no excuse not to have both options and they *know* this im aNGRY

@wenotfreeyet yea idk what the motivation there is. cutting costs? thinking they know better what's good for you? (like those shitty ads about using the stairs for your health etc. like.. don't shame ppl for needing an elevator??) i'd have loved a remote option for my uni and to not have to undergo severe autistic burnout year in and year out. maybe i'd have even graduated from one or the other. *private* schools taking my $ (not the norm in my country), where i am the Client who doesn't matter

@0lvr BIG. AGREE. this is the only way i wouldve been able to go to school, and even though i knew that a couple of years ago, they were nowhere near as accommodating as they are now and im with you on not undergoing severe autistic burnout, even though its been an adjustment to minimize it happening, ive had the space to be able to! now i know how to not burnout bc im not just surviving burnout. now im just looking around like life couldve been better for so many of us long ago! i hate it here

@wenotfreeyet yay for no more/less burnout 💙 (same, but i'm almost completely isolated at home the past ~10yrs). btw fun fact - one of my faculties was clinical psychology and you probably won't be surprised just how dehumanizing and objectifying the asd module was (obv covered in child psychology, nowhere else). to the point i legitimately didn't know from that academic description i'm autistic. just knew i had to be really Extra careful about masking because these ppl are some brand of evil

@0lvr some brand of evil indeed, im sorry you went through that, im glad theres not more/less autistic burnout but that shit is hard. especially the places where theyre supposed to like....provide information you need is information that isnt true/fucked up/only helps those in power and not the ones who actually need it.

@0lvr i got lucky that by the time i got to therapy when i told them i was autistic based on some research i did while in the program they were like holy shit youre right so even though it was like 24 years late i got super fortunate and i cant imagine how hard it is navigating it otherwise :blobheart:

@wenotfreeyet i used their therapy discount for students at the in-house clinic (despite having.. i guess therapy trauma?? been blackmailed with involuntary institutionalization before) because i was just that desperate to figure out "what's wrong with me" - nothing came of it, endless diagnostic sessions of pure bafflement. i'm happy you got there in the end. things are moving way too slowly in that field. especially where i'm from (eastern europe, everything comes delayed by.. decades)

@0lvr that makes sense, doing it even though you have trauma from it because the want to know "whats wrong with me" (there is nothing wrong with you by the way) and im sorry it didnt work out. this field is pretty terrible and moves slowly especially when its not in the US/(maybe canada? idk), and especially when we get to marginalized people. theres no good reason for it either, they simply just dont want ppl to get better or if they do, ppl in power are keeping them from doing that work

@0lvr i do want to acknowledge that there are people who really do good work and try their best, but as a whole i cannot trust that system

@wenotfreeyet thanks, i know the wrong isn't in me - but there Was smth wrong - not having accommodation, being forced into spaces not made with me in mind and expected to thrive, perform to high standards. i could say some even more depressing stuff about how the system sees the combo of asd and trans-ness but i need to wind down for bed, so enough negativity. there is some hope, mostly i see it in the autistic community looking out for each other, raising their kids w/o trauma. slowly forward

@0lvr yes, there definitely is hope! even just seeing little black kids getting diagnosed and accommodated properly within the past couple of years has given my heart a lot of light. and im glad you know that distinction, that something definitely was wrong. but youre right we're slowly moving forward ✨

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