help a black disabled person and their autistic son!

I need at least 100 to bring my account out of the red & get us groceries. I'm disabled & my son is autistic & our needs are unique. I need quick meals to get us thru the next 2 wks. Pretty soon I'll be getting in home care & assistance but it's a constant waiting game w these services.
Anything helps.
$jalyssacharnae cash app
$JalyssaElliott chime
FB pay
I also can do tarot readings for $30!


help a black trans man raise money for college and stable housing!

help a trans autistic black man! cw: assault

Hello I am a Black autistic trans man and I was recently assaulted. I am now having to medicine for HIV and I worry about becoming pregnant. I’m requesting funds for food and transportation to appointments while I try to manage this really terrible time.”

Cash*pp: Sugaryc1
Venmo: Sugaryc1

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a personal server for a black nonbinary traumatized person