paper cat press weekly roundup of jobs/fellowships/submissions/discounts/resources for creatives:

Verso Books is accepting applications to its paid Fellowship program until October 22. The full-time Verso Fellowship will be based in Verso’s Brooklyn office, using flexible remote working and learning as needed, and is open to applications from anywhere in the US. The 2022 Fellowship program will run from January to December, and will be paid $45,300 per year with twenty-five days of paid vacation, health, dental and vision insurance, and commuter benefits.

Neon Hemlock is open to submissions of original speculative novellas until October 16. shares random webcomics once you click the “Take me to a random webcomic” button on the site. To add your comic to the list, leave a comment on the website with the link to your comic.

The SFWA Self-Publishing Committee (SPC) is happy to announce that we are open for submissions October 3–17, 2021, for two science fiction StoryBundles that will be released in 2022.

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