im working on that halloween jam that i hate the name of and this could be a thread but it could also not who knows

i say this because i want you all to see that i made a trailer (no sound no fancy artwork because i dont do that) for the game!

i wrote and coded in the first chapter!

honestly this is a full stop pride moment like i wanna finish the rest but im really proud of myself for getting this far, self, LOOK AT YOUUUU

we're at 2.5k words, that is 2,457 more words than expected ever!! good night

this is your captain here, we're comin in at a cool 3,000 words before the night's end, perfect cruising altitude so you folks go ahead and sit back, relax, and we'll see you in the morning


thanks to canva, meme generator, and me laughing my ass off we have a cover photo

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cannot believe the only way i can play my game is by finishing it 🙄

added the GUI i wanted, its looking iffy but it was looking more iffy about ten minutes ago so huzzah

ill forget where this is but a project board manager for Ink and other interactive fiction if i choose to do that some day in my life

“But if you sincerely repent—”

“I can’t repent; I only fear.”

“You only regret the past for its consequences to yourself?”

—Helen to Arthur Huntingdon, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

mm mm mmm

once i figure out how to do padding for the dialogue???? ITS OVER

(not really i have a lot of writing and adding images to do but once i get that padding in i will feel UNSTOPPABLE)

i couldnt go to the afterparty because even virtually parties are the Worst for me and i tried to add the characters into the game and they will not move to the proper position and i am ready to throw out the whole thing and so.

i have had water. i will go to sleep. i will try again later.

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