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(137) the day i died, my therapist asked how my week was going & i told him i am reading stone butch blues by Lip Manegio:

(141) The animal that is most vulnerable is usually the most cruel / It is impossible to separate it from what it remembers by Precious Okoyomon:

(147) say it with your whole black mouth by danez smith:

i think ill just read this every morning

(177) Break Up With Your Gender I'm Bored/Shot Number 1 by KB:

ofc this may not resonate with every black queer person but you might wanna just look at it cause im in a circle of seen-ness and stuff over here

(179) The Carillon by Rosalía de Castro/translated by Garrett Strange:

(180) NN3 by Victoria Guerrero/translated by Anastatia Spicer and Honora Spicer:

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