from a friend: URGENT FUNDRAISING NEEDED FOR SICK KITTEN: OK yall I realize 95% of the fundraising calls I do are for assorted mutual aid or for projects through the anarchist collective I'm in, but I am requesting personal help to save my new Lil friend.

Yesterday night Rita and I found a week old kitten in our front yard that was abandoned by its mother. I rushed and gathered needed supplies to help save the kitten and give him a fighting chance.

Unfortunately he stopped going to the bathroom, I attempted to take him to an emergency vet clinic. Unfortunately I was turned away and told to call the police/animal control because this little guy is a stray.

I was forced to wait till morning and took him to another emergency vet clinic that accepted him. Due to dehydration, low temperature, and a potential infection he needed to be admitted for a 24 hour hospital stay. Even though I can't afford it, I couldn't leave him to potentially die.


I have been so incredibly moved by all of the support I have gotten thus far for this Lil kitten and am incredibly greatful.

If you are able to donate any amount helps, even if it's $5. If you are unable to donate please reshare on all platforms.

Venmo: L-B-1-23
Cashapp: $leborsch

0/1,300 raised so far


the bill came back to about 1100 so we're at $800/1100!

Venmo: L-B-1-23
Cashapp: $leborsch

kittie is home and as long as the next couple of weeks go well they'll be out of the woods and set up w a family that love loves em!

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