each work or school assignment i get, im like how am i going to keep this it goes against my ethics (i may be exaggerating but alas the period) and i am Known for fucking up my paycheck for this kind of stuff

at this point, i just want them to know, that i could be cool w like being a forever apprentice i have no desire to climb any ladder i just want a steady paycheck, my good insurance, and for everyone to leave me alone

school/work shit 

"such-and-such started his business in his own hoome with only his wife and children as employees. now he is recognized as some big shot who started from nothing and is now here."

oh did the wife and kids' labor just disappear? was everyone he interacted with that got him to this spot just in our collective imagination did they not exist???

school/work shit 

i havent talked about it because the trainings on secrecy and shit have terrified me but i think we've all gathered that ive somehow finagled myself into a corporate job and each day i get more stressed and angrier and anxious ITS BEEN EIGHT DAYS IM NOT EVEN DOING THE WORK WORK YET

school/work shit / sexual harassment / a really bad joke-ish thing im fine 

"i cant wait til we're all in the office again!"

i will never return to the office im not voluntarily going to be sexually harassed outside my home at least here i can see it coming kind of

“as we all know, jobs don’t last forever.” is a comforting thing to hear two weeks into tour new job lmao

remember to turn off share profile updates on your linkedin if you’re job searching while still at your job (i’m adding what i’m learning at work webinars)

my business textbook is telling me that the system works and imma scream

i’m in this negotiation exercise and i think i’m….winning? idk my shit seem okay is what i’ve gotten from this

my longest class this semester is three hours and it’s PUBLIC SPEAKING 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

“you will begin to see tickler emails”

i will begging to see WHAT????

God bless teachers who, intentionally or not, waste class time

lmao they think i’m a teacher’s pet probably but i’m getting my fucking participation points who knows if i’ll have the mental whatever to do my shit later

i can’t be a student like this at my big age cause either i’m “fuck this i’m grown” or “i’m a good boi 🥺🥺🥺”

really not liking how apparently this is how i learn some uh more intimate shit about myself


if you ever want to laugh at me being very embarrassing about talking about sex please tell me how you do it cause my catholic/protestant upbringing threatens my soul every time i try

you can’t tell but school is growing on me, or at least the university. i got an email saying they’ve updated my request to change my first name to like tier II bc it’s IMPORTANT. and i gotta respect that

also we don’t have to keep our cameras on and we’re primarily using chat in oral communication (at least today) and whew what a gift

“but can we save ourselves from ourselves?”

“everyone struggles with communication! welcome home.”

bruh i love black women and even though i’m not super religious it’s comforting when they use bible quotes not to sway people but just cause you can tell those verses get them through

i know people tend to roll their eyes when professors start class with like all their degrees but if you’re bipoc especially qtbipoc i get it. because honey if i become a teacher you GONNA hear about every fucking degree i’ve survived you still hear me about this high school tf

“if i have a problem with you, i will come to you.” she also said it works both ways and we can do it with her but that one sentence was thug as shit

“you will always get. 15-20 min break either halfway through or i’ll let y’all out early.” BLESS

“i’m not trying to act like i know what i don’t know. i’m still learning. i’ll die still not knowing everything and i don’t wanna know everything.” really a fan of this class so far

“If you were thinking you would not be drinking the cool-aid!” what is happening i love it (i refuse to use the branded kool aid cause that shit is tasty)

she said we’re gonna meet her dogs before the semester is over, offering even more incentive to pay attention

“y’all remember your first kiss, if you’ve had it. there’s no rush, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be unless you got the right person anyway.” this is a ride

“we don’t beat our children, that’s slave stuff! there’s no good or bad hair, it’s hair! that’s slave stuff!” i was not prepared for this, she’s right, but also ?????

i felt worried bout when she got to prisons but she did say “the game has been rigged for a long time, we gotta say that.” but i’m still not w her on some stuff but admiring how she going hard here

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@wenotfreeyet what is that, like: "simply be born rich and privileged and have lots of influential connections and then it's way easier to get the job" ?

@RadiantEmber that’s what it should be but they’re like they know how to network and are often at the front of new trends!

like when you have money to throw away ofc you can do this!

@wenotfreeyet hahahaha

Yeah gee I wonder why they are able to do those things 🤔

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