family shit, its not necessarily bad but i guess sometimes i worry that it seems like it is 

my sister and mom warned me that my uncle and his friend are coming over so i can get out of the living room but im staying in here because if i go in my room 1) i most likely will miss my next meal 2) i need sunlight and 3) if i stay in my room i will fall asleep at 4pm again

so im just keeping my earphones in and hoping for the best

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i didnt know it was an older friend and i am cracking up this was the best decision they think i cant hear them and its just great seeing them enjoy each other i have no idea what theyre talking about but they seem very content

hes an older black man wearing suspenders and dress shoes and leaning back in a recliner so basically who i hope to be (minus the man part) in thirty years

i didnt know how out of control it was about to get but luckily my mom did she was like go upstairs as soon as you can and no sooner did i close my door that the noises from downstairs had me very thankful i was in my room with a snack

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