episode 20and we are singing Strong In The Real Way LETS FUCK IT UP


steven universe spoilers 

remember how steven sang about the stevens and casually sang, “i learned to stay true to myself by watching myself die.”??????? casual

steven universe spoilers 

“look at them without her guidance, directionless clingy pathetic things”

oh rose. it’s okay rose, you aren’t those things 😭😭😭😭

steven universe spoilers 

ITS LAPIS 😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

“sure, how hurt can we get?”

~greg universe setting the tone for the series

“fusion is hard even for us gems”
“not me”


“you are an experience. make sure you’re a good one.

so: go. have. fun!!!!”

“no you don’t understand! everything i do shoves my violently toward the end. the more i know the more i know that i don’t know! i can’t live like this!”

~steven universe

“i see so many things that can hurt you. i should never have let one of them be me.” IM SOBBING 😭

“but home is a place that i have never known and that’s why we’re on the run”

“i’m not gonna let you stand there and remind me of everything i hate about myself! [...] i never asked to be made.” BRUH ME

“go away. i’m bad and you shouldn’t be around me.”

uh oh we’ve begun pearl’s talk of how she’s special to rose uh oh

“none of you had what we had!” the lesbian activity button has been engaged

“why would i ever want to go home if you’re here?” BIIIIIIIIIITCH

“all they try to do is make up for it but they can’t forgive themselves “

“there’s no such things as a good war, kiddo”

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