me: im gonna feel so much better once i do this work

me: let me take this quiz and see which gay cartoon i am that seems more urgent


i shouldntve read the comments because now i want to be almost all of them 😫

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@wenotfreeyet "I think [my heart] might be the source of my magic!" oh yeah Luz Noceda is definitely part of this quiz lol

@wenotfreeyet i still might lol, I'm a slow reader so this might take a bit




@kimdanes it took me so long with this one??? i was so unprepared for it theyre gorgeous!

@wenotfreeyet lol just spotted a certain "A. Tony Jerome" in the "latest comments" bar :P

@wenotfreeyet Q: What's your favorite holiday?
(one of the options) "I don't care. Ok, it's my birthday." Well that's DEFINITELY catra

@wenotfreeyet why is the sidekick one hard too?? maybe i just pick bb-8

@wenotfreeyet aw fuck this I got batwoman. the ex cop one

it's probably bc i didn't know any of the albums lol

@kimdanes what i love about this is you can play as many times as you want (its like much easier than uquiz)

@wenotfreeyet oh kate kane's also jewish i think, so. that mighta also been a factor

@wenotfreeyet I didn't listen to music until i was like 14 so this album question is just a mystery

@kimdanes i know like 2 of those albums and like 3 of the people/groups so i was going purely by vibes

@wenotfreeyet i'm gonna go by album covers I only vaguely know of even a couple of the ARTISTS, haven't listened to any of their music either lol

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@kimdanes @wenotfreeyet haha nice!

I've done it two more times, and I don't really know the characters but they seem cool

Luz from Owl House and Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time

Also I just remembered that I'm planning to.change my first name to Garnet so I guess its fitting that's who I got first lol

@kimdanes @wenotfreeyet lol I knew you were gonna tell me to watch them

I haven't watched any shows for a while tbh, maybe once I'm done with school I'll have time to get into them though

Adventure time seems like a good show

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@RadiantEmber @wenotfreeyet Adventure Time is long as fuck so no pressure! but like it /is/ a classic so like highly recommended, if you end up feelin like watchin some day

Owl House is EXCELLENT, Luz is an absolute cinnamon roll. And it has an AMAZING found family story

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@RadiantEmber @wenotfreeyet but yeah! no pressure, for sure :)

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@kimdanes @wenotfreeyet awh yeah I've seen some good stuff about owl house!

I will probably try to watch adventure time eventually but maybe with friends or partners who also like it haha

Oh yeah I still need to get caught up on Kipo too!

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@RadiantEmber @wenotfreeyet i'm TRAGICALLY still not done watching Kipo

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@wenotfreeyet @RadiantEmber lex i'm so far behind :blobsadreach:

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@kimdanes @RadiantEmber where in the seasons are you cause let me tell you, i can do a rewatch and catch up w you!

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@wenotfreeyet @RadiantEmber omg you're a gem for even suggesting, i'm actually farther than i thought! i'd just finished Season 2 apparently

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@kimdanes @RadiantEmber cool! i think the last season actually goes by pretty quick

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@wenotfreeyet @RadiantEmber oh look at me I'm spamming ember w/ this thread now, oops

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@kimdanes @wenotfreeyet xD no worries! I like seeing y'all get excited about shows

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