bruh i dont remember where i put the other art thread lets just begin again: tangents and why you wanna avoid em

recommending again cause one of the classes i just took was real hyped about him:

free andrew loomis books!


i think im a little more confused but like in that way where you feel like if you try it you might learn something so

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my favorite art teacher so far is alphonso dunn (i have a hard time watching videos and i ended up watching one of his 45 min ones when i couldnt sleep and learned a lot!) -

spinal column brushes by cait may for procreate, clip studio paint, and photshop:

THREAD of all my procreate brushes that you can use for personal + commercial use! DO NOT resell OR gatekeep - if someone asks for the brushes just link them here please Pensive face

master folder and separate links + previews below!

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