there is no immediate need. please donate to black trans women and other black trans people in immediate need first. i have this open til 12/21.
if you share please make sure no one in my family can see it, i am not out to them. im saying please dont mention me by name, but also am understanding that this is the internet, so, like if need be, any funds will just be a way to get me out if i need to.

Jesus, im tired.

idk if you want me to write you a poem or something for a donation, i can do that too

posted on the face and bird sites, that is enough anxiety for today

anxiety: *approaches*
me: no no, did you not hear? that is enough for today

self harm, future me this is good you can look 

i am gonna take a klonopin because im getting ready to pass out from anxiety but! future me, please remember to look back and be proud that you did not cut or drink IM SO PROUD OF YOU HOLY SHIT

my friend read something that was really tough for me to write and was so lovely to me after and that made me feel okay enough to make the fundly and just. im really blessed to know such love, it scares the shit out of me sometimes

i would change my name Today (or start the process) but my dad gets the mail like we joke he's Mister from color purple because no one else gets the mail and well.

im trying to give myself time instead of overwhelming myself and trying to do everything at once so ill focus on what i can control and that's the binder. the name and taking T will just have to be much later (i gave myself such bad panic attacks/ideations cause family reactions) but I'm giving myself 3 years (30 sounds nice) just so I feel like I have time. I just have to give myself time.

i have more to say but please know im just sad as shit but i was fine a while ago

transphobia, family shit 

my grandma called and to hear everyone in the room laugh at my cousin changing his name and "im gonna call him what his mama named him" was Sobering to say the least

transphobia, family shit 

every day i am so excited for the *click* of my bedroom door closing with me on the right side of it

anyways i dreamt i had enough to do like 3 months of T (i just want my voice deeper 😩😫) so like for that + some other shit to happen directly after it my ancestors like DONT DO THAT YET and i appreciate God for it

the way i am able to Give Up just completely shut my shit down would be impressive if it wasnt so like debilitating

in a somewhat odd turn of events, since i feel so bad about this i turned to revry to see if its worth it and im watching the first episode of gay mean girls and i lOVE THIS


the black best friend surprised their asian friend with a binder while at a gsa meeting WHAT WORLD IS THIS AND HOW CAN I HAVE IT (in the group the teacher uses they/them but outside the class uses he/him) wAIT now i need to know more about them

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ive missed parts because family is here/etc. and she jUST TOLD HER BEST FRIEND SHE LIKED HER and that best friend was not having it but she handled it like a champ holy shit / i mean she's crying into her pillow now but honestly mood

binder shit 

the binder is like too tight and ive resigned myself to like letting this shit go for a while (until the next time it appears which will probably be in 4.73 minutes) its fine it fits probably i just gotta figure some shit out

"its easy to put her on a pedastal because she gets things easier cause she's white" LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"can we be friends?"
"arent we already?"


wAIT THEYRE TRYING? that was pretty brave on both ends tbh

"promposal part II: the emotional intelligence edition"


these babies immediately after coming out and being terrified are like WE HAVE TO PROTECT ANY OTHER LGBTQ+ KIDS WHO NEED US

theyre like 16 i love them

my mom is letting me hide in my room til its like absolutely time for me to be with everyone else

God bless her

"you should carry a plant around for all the oxygen you waste"

what do you even say to that

uh oh this girl is being very White Qu**r and im like i shouldve seen it coming and YET


this episode is called white fragility we bout to gET IN HERE

they said it. they said it.

"graphic design is my passion"

this is why this generation deserves to create media

"that is so gay"
"its not 2006 anymore we cant say that anymore"


there is mission impossible music what is HAPPENING

"this is what happens when a straight person like you is put in charge of a gay event, you put them in danger."

YO FUCK THESE WHITE GIRLS but you couldnt listen to the asian girl say this???? I HATE this wait YES "please dont interrupt me" YES

*white girl starts crying*

"whatre you doing with your face?"


white girl calling the asian girl angry girl


"i wish i could be praised for being ordinary like you. i dont want to see you anymore." YES YES YES

every day i wake up and just sit in the dark and watch my little gay shows

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