"During this tumultuous time for Black folks in America, it was as if we were supposed to relish in the fact that the whole world was expressing love for us, but the truth was we knew it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t.

This group was, for a moment, utterly shook by the reality of racism. [...] It displayed that they had either not been paying attention, listening to us, or frankly hadn’t given a fuck about us."


as always, if youre nonblack + able, donate to at least one black person weekly/monthly. there are plenty of underfunded gofundmes for black trans women, black trans people, especially. and if youre not able, you dont need to explain to me why you cant donate. thats between you and you.


birdsite link, this is specifically for boosting black trans/nonbinary fundraisers, so: twitter.com/BlackTransConn1

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@wenotfreeyet Aw awesome! Can someone boost the fundraiser pinned in my profile at the top? I don’t have a bird acct

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