gotta start a poetry thread

(1) The Witch Reads Me My Birthchart by Eloisa Amezcua:

(4) "if you believe me to be your enemy know this I accept
terrible revenge in merciless clots of love


I have not threatened your soft moments and yet you are threatened"

I Must Become A Menace To My Enemies by Ryan Dzelzkalns:

(5) qtine thoughts (w/ a line from Psych lol) by Jess Rizkallah:

[im a mess over this poem holy shit]

and let me plug in one of my favorite articles ive written (its aged a bit but still good at its heart)

100 of my Favorite Poets For Your Survival Pack by Alexis:

(8) Tomorrow is a Place
Sanna Wani:

this one wrecked me beautiful i love it

(9) a possible tw for self harm in this poem

The B-Sides of the Golden Records, Track Five: “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Sumita Chakraborty:

safia elhillo is one of my absolute favorite poets/writers and this is also a favorite (which is saying something because it takes so much for me to focus on audio):

(13) Day 29 (2020) by Jamila Woods:

(be sure to check out her music too!)

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@wenotfreeyet oh, wow

i think what got me was the depiction of being stuck, knowing one is stuck, knowing one needs to get unstuck, but staying stuck. The wanting to be done, and the seemingly uncrossable, surreal chasm between understanding and doing

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