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so. i have written an essay about why i love batwoman (that just scratches the surface tbh) this morning, its messy and i love it. ive also tweeted it out. if you feel like helping with the renew batwoman campaign, id appreciate you sharing, with the hashtag and . but of course! no pressure!

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I've gotten better at understanding my boundaries and as people are coming out of quarantine, I don't want to shift things around just to please others. My dad said I should write down my boundaries and so these are my social ones so far, (being written to others as well as to myself):

✅ If you're not coming to me with love, you don't need to come to me at all
✅ My mask stays on (1/?)

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gotta start a poetry thread

(1) The Witch Reads Me My Birthchart by Eloisa Amezcua:

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we watched one night in miami and the introduction scene of jim brown is why i will never trust white people and why i will always believe they are on some bullshit no matter what

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:boost_ok: job and money struggles 

my new manufacturing job where i stand in one spot for 10 hours and get a single 40min unpaid break sent me a termination email for missing a single shift, but fortunately i meant to do it because the work kills my body and i was told not to call in unless im "basically dead"

so i got new interviews lined up and would like some help with food and rent in the meantime. any amount helps, thank you

a lil sad i slept through my webinar w kiese layman but remembering that there is still time and that the past two days have been A Lot and so it’s not a failure to rest. it’s a good thing to rest.

there is an urgent and time sensitive need for a black disabled nonbinary person. they need $750+ before Thursday, August 11 to avoid homelessness.
Cash app

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May you have the courage to break the patterns in your life that are no longer serving you

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begpost, please boost!! 

Hi, I’m hearth, and I'm in an increasingly abusive situation at home right now and need all the help I can to get out.

If you're willing to toss a few shiny pennies my way for food, gas, meds, and the like, really anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated! Much love!!!

Venmo: @GayDragonGirl

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asking for help 

hey, lovelies

You know I hate being a colossal burden, but I'm quite tapped out and could really use a hand with groceries for the next coming weeks.

Anything you could kick into the bucket hat I'm always eternally thankful for$somarasu

Love y'all! 💖

okay have to be online for the interview in 35 min, interview starts in an hour. ive calmed down a bit (THANK GOD) and ive realized that a lot of what ive been anxious about has more to do with things about me that i didnt know i was uncovering and so im trying to be conscious of that, and my friends have been sending really lovely things to me and that helps too, and i have links to look up after and things to look forward to and its gonna be okay.

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600/4000$ raised

Pls boost everyone/widely!

Let’s get Auggie into non-transphobic housing and protect their safety as a disabled black trans person and community advocate

Payment details and gfm in original thread

(QTBIPOC Writers, Due 8/31, pay if accepted: $500) Electric Literature is seeking pitches for Both/And, a new limited essay series focused on personal narratives from trans and gender non-conforming writers of color.


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what i love learning is that the entertainment industry is super fucked up and that we need to push as much funding into independent projects so that these creators can tell the stories they want and the ones we desperately need

super thankful for creators from big companies, places like AnimationGuild, WritersGuild
& more for revealing how fucked up this industry is & giving us tools/hope to create something better outside of it im putting aside money to support indie creators even more now

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we really out here stressed as hell trying to send the same $20-50 to one another for life saving necessities, and millionaires/billionaires really in private jets where they could fund at least 10 gofundmes without missing any money before they even touch down from their flight

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once again hoping if i stay awake to the point of exhaustion and don’t really eat enough things will just stop being not good

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Hey, my partner and I are escaping an abusive household, but while we haven't moved out just yet, we're essentially paying 2 rents at the same time (with the deposit and getting money together for first rent and such) and paying for packing materials and other things, so we're running very short on money despite our best efforts atm.

If you could spare the money to donate, we'd really appreciate it, thanks.

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i thought the interview was wednesday its tomorrow


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instead of doing work i watched all three john wick movies for the first time with my dad and now i have a meeting in 20 minutes and i don’t have my questions ready yet

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