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bruh i dont remember where i put the other art thread lets just begin again: tangents and why you wanna avoid em

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we watched one night in miami and the introduction scene of jim brown is why i will never trust white people and why i will always believe they are on some bullshit no matter what

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someone on the bird site asked what their black followers want their nonblack followers to know and ill share mine here (though i will admit i was thinking specifically of yt people at the time):

learn to put your body between black people and violence. chances are the violence will stop or lessen if it sees that you might be the target. it will not stop for me.

FUNDED!!!! thank you all so much

im so nervous to go into this field because theatre does not love black nonbinary people (especially socialized as women) (isnt this true for everything tho) so it means so much to me that im being supported. thank you!!!!

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Mutual aid request, laptop needed, financial help for disabled person 

I have been unable to get my desktop repaired and so I need a laptop

I know I retooted like 7 days ago from an older post, but I am desperate

It's a quality of life thing for me as I am housebound most of the time, pandemic or not

My PayPal is

rennia davis' tv must be on delay and she and her family are hyping up over her highlights this is THE BEST THING EVER

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is espn giving the wnba a movie treatment???? YALL ARE REMEMBERING THAT WNBA EXISTS?????

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who is in charge of graphic design for wnba because they are ON IT this year

I think She-Ra would be better if Catra were allowed to say "fuck." nobody else, just Catra.



do you know where your covid vaccine card is

Writing opportunity for women and non-binary people with an African or Caribbean citizenship. 

Just got this through a newsletter, though it might be worth sharing:

"Pluto Press is proud to partner with the Walter Rodney Foundation (WRF) and the Pluto Educational Trust (PET) to launch the annual non-fiction Walter Rodney Writing Prize for women and non-binary first-time authors who have citizenship of an African or Caribbean country.

The prize will celebrate the extraordinary life and work of Guyanese writer and political activist Walter Rodney, while reflecting and advancing the impact of Rodney’s thinking on scholars and organisers.

The winner of the prize will receive a £4,000 writing grant, alongside access to Pluto, PET, and WRF’s combined global network of contacts. Their debut book will be published by Pluto Press.

A star panel of judges assessing the shortlist will be announced in the upcoming months."

More info:

7. dad had me watch all fast and furious movies last year for the first time and now i am so fucking excited for f9


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religion, family shit, but still good 

6. i had a courageous conversation with some of my family yesterday about how hard it is for me to talk about/be around religious stuff and how it was/is a big reason i wanted to die most of my life, and its not the end of those conversations probably, but they were understanding and am was very kind to me today cause i snapped yesterday, apologized today and she was like, "of course you snapped, you had been vulnerable with us, thats not easy."

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